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Our work: Personal — Life story

You needn't wait for a big birthday to do a life story biography of the family patriarch or matriarch.

Grandmother or grandfather has led an extraordinary life and risen above tremendous challenges. Documenting his or her story will not only honour them, but inspire the grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

There are two basic ways to tackle a life story video: with or without the participation of your loved one.

'With' involves sitting down grandmother or grandfather and conducting a meticulously planned, on-camera interview(s) — resulting in an unscripted personal documentary, where sound bites are intercut with photographs and other archival material to tell 'the story.'

'Without' involves producing a surprise, scripted "this is your life" video, where the patriarch or matriarch's story is told by a narrator, along with interview clips from friends and family members (think "A&E Biography").

Who knew grandma danced in a Broadway chorus? Or that grandpa climbed Everest?

To see a sample of our legacy videos, please click here.

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