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Our work: Personal — Landmark birthday

So your spouse is turning 40 or 50. Or perhaps your mom or dad will soon be entering their seventh decade. You want to make this birthday party an affair to remember.

Give them laughter, memories and tears. Give them the thrill of a lifetime: their life on video. Give them their due.

We’ll produce a professionally scripted, broadcast-quality personal biography. The life video can be prepared in secret and sprung on them as a total surprise.

Consider an A&E-style biography, with a professional host; the evening news, done from an anchor desk; an unscripted documentary; their own television game show — even their own specialty TV channel! Naturally, we’ll need to break away for a 'commercial,' which will lampoon their idiosyncrasies.

Imagine guest appearances by their first girlfriend or boyfriend; their Grade 10 history teacher; the children (and grandchildren) they adore.

Toast them. Roast them. Thrill them.

To see an example of our work for birthday tribute videos, please click here.

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