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Introducing our economical Laffs line of videos.

Need a tribute video or other creative film for a special event but have a limited budget?

Introducing our Laffs line of six videos, each priced at $2,995. You get the same quality we've been known for since 1987, but with a video that is shorter, has fewer bells and whistles and is lower in price. It's great value.

Your honoree receives a gift that enshrines and affectionately roasts their life and accomplishments, which they will enjoy watching forever. Your audience gets lots of laughter and tears.

These 3 to 5-minute videos let you:

  • Toast and roast an employee at their farewell party;
  • Toast and roast a family member at a milestone birthday or other special occasion;
  • Toast and roast top producers at a recognition event;
  • Toast and roast the honoree at a person-of-the-year charity gala;
  • Poke fun at your firm or its bosses at a conference, retreat or Christmas party;
  • Add laughter and tears to any kind of gathering.

The Laffs lineup:

  1. The Funny Photo Film: Image-driven trib-roast with professional scripting and narration;*
  2. The Comical Clip-umentary: Sound-bite-driven trib-roast with professional cameraperson and interviewer;
  3. The Year In Review: Funny anchor-desk newscast about your organization's recent happenings -- from the sublime to the ridiculous. Great morale-booster;*
  4. The 'Man-on-the-Street' Gone Wild: Devious. A camera crew hits the streets to poll random --and not-so-random-- people about a "news event" such as a retirement, birthday, new company policy, etc. Lots of surprises;
  5. The Phony, Funny Q and A: We do a serious interview with your honoree, then turn the tables on them when their answers are placed hilariously out of context with a different interviewer. Expertly plotted, scripted and edited;
  6. The Phony, Funny Commercial: We do a K-Tel-style TV spot with a comical fake product depicting your organization or honoree, complete with testimonials, tacky graphics and tacky voiceover.*
To find out more about the Laffs line of videos,

      contact Bob Pomerantz.

*Available at this price outside Toronto area.

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