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Our first-ever corporate client was Foster Advertising. In 1987, the Toronto firm hired us to do a biographical video for its retiring CEO, Art Collins.

It was a big thrill for us. Our mission was to produce tribute videos for the business and home markets, and Foster was our second client and our second tribute (the first was a woman who hired us to do a 40th birthday video for her husband).

Later in 1987, we got a lucky break: Gary Slaight, of Standard Broadcasting Corp., asked us if we could do a funny video for a Christmas party for his flagship radio station CFRB. Voilà! We were no longer just producing biographical tributes.

Fast-forward 25 years. Our definition of "tribute video" has broadened to include documentaries about companies and organizations.

Truth be told, we don't just do video tributes anymore. Humour is our specialty and we use it to produce videos for meetings, videos for training—oh yes, we still do Christmas parties, too.

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